Thrown Together Episode 1: Bruschetta

Hello folks!

I’ve decided to start a new recipe series: Thrown Together. I love to cook, but I don’t love expensive, hard-to-find ingredients and convoluted recipe steps. Thus, this series is going to be about the things I like: the end result (good food) and relatively simple prep/cheap ingredients that you can make in small to medium quantities. So here we go, starting with episode 1: Tomato and Artichoke Bruschetta.

I love this because it can make an awesome appetizer or a full lunch. It’s also very flexible, since it’s good with or without the artichokes and you can put in as much/little fresh basil and garlic as you desire. I get a huge jar of artichoke hearts at costco so I always have them on hand. They’re a lot more affordable in bulk!

This has been a very rainy July, even for the Northwest, so I’m hoping that making summer foods will make the weather improve. I think that’s what the weatherpeople do too. Maybe? πŸ˜› But then again, they’re always wrong.

P.S. I have found that this bruschetta often tastes better the day after preparation, since it gives the garlic time to flavor the tomatoes

Component List (adjust quantities to taste and as needed):

Makes 2 lunch servings or about 4 appetizer servings

2 on-the-vine tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic

4-5 marinated artichoke heart halves

chopped fresh basil to taste

salt to taste (very little is needed)

good, crusty bread

optional: cheese blend (parmesan/asiago etc) or fresh mozzarella

Chop tomatoes into small pieces and mince garlic. Slice artichokes into thin strips. Mix tomatoes, garlic, artichokes, basil, and salt in bowl.

Toast bread. If using mozzarella, place on bread before topping with bruschetta. If using cheese blend, sprinkle on after topping bread with bruschetta.

Yay food!


If anyone has suggestions for something I should try to make, let me know and I’ll see if it’s possible!


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