Walking to Nowhere

I was thinking a lot about home today. Especially about my dogs. When I get homesick, I like to go outside.

Though it was cold, we decided to go for a walk across the Charles river. I love how the experience of walking changes with the seasons. Right now, it holds a special magic for me, since this happens to be my first New England autumn. The sun was setting as we walked, so it felt much later than it actually was. Luna was especially beautiful–huge and yellow, and she cast a gold light across the Charles as we walked over the bridge.

The only downside to the beauty was the amount of light pollution. I miss the stars.

I love walking from Boston to Cambridge. It’s an immediate change in atmosphere–bustling and abrupt to quiet and thoughtful. Both are enjoyable in their own way; I like the contrast. I picked up a yellow oak leaf on the way back and wanted to take it home, but I knew it wouldn’t hold the same wondrous power over me once it was inside. Once inside, it would become equivalent to some of the damp leaves stuck to my shoe. It would be out of place.

For me, walking is awesome because it’s free, it’s good exercise, and it allows me to get to know my area. Most of all, it gives me a chance to contemplate and organize everything floating around in my head and allows me to really appreciate the beauty around me.

Today is an excellent day for contemplation: Veteran’s Day and 11/11/11, which only comes once a century. I somewhat childishly wonder what people in 1911 were doing here one hundred years ago. Making a wish at 11:11? What about people in 1611?

Who knows? That kind of stuff doesn’t often make the history books, but it’s all important to me.

And somehow, I don’t think I’ll find a better, more frugal way of battling homesickness than walking to nowhere.

A terrible representation of the moon's beauty tonight.

Even in November, there are some roses left over.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Christal on November 14, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Gorgeous post, S. You’ve inspired me to take the Boo out for a long one tonight!


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