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Frugal Adrenaline

Sometimes, saving money isn’t just satisfying for me, it actually produces adrenaline which allows me to do things I never thought I could do otherwise. I became aware of this on Saturday after I flew back from Seattle to Boston with all this:

100 pounds of crazy

Challenge Accepted!

Although conceding to bag fees never makes me feel good, I decided to check two bags on this trip after finding out it would cost $30 to ship my awesome new typewriter via the USPS. It seems that bag fees really are one of the cheapest ways to ship things.

Since I was flying by myself and Bob was on a different plane, I was, of course, worried about getting the bags back to the apartment. We don’t have a car, and because of this, we have two options for getting around: subway/bus or cab. Now, in the past, I have taken both methods of transportation from the airport at one time or another. When I moved out to Boston with two 50 pound bags, I took a cab. When I had only a carry on, I took the subway. On this trip, however, I felt a bit torn on what type of transportation to take.

Before you decide I am crazy for even considering taking the subway with all that luggage, please keep in mind that the subway costs $1.70 per trip from the airport, while a cab costs $40.

A miniature drama was going on in my head in that baggage claim:

Frugal Me: “The cab fare is ridiculous!”

Rational Me: “Your four bags weigh a combined total of about 100 pounds!”

Frugal Me: “But two of them are roll-y bags!”

Rational Me: “Correction: one of them is a roll-y bag. The other one has weird 80’s wheels that are actually less than useless.”

Frugal Me: “I can handle it.”

Rational Me: “You’re a weakling! You have no upper arm strength whatsoever!”

Frugal Me:  “But I could save thirty-eight dollars!”

Rational Me: “You’re going to look like a crazy person.”

Frugal Me: “Don’t I always?”

Rational Me: “Whatever. You obviously don’t need MY help.”

Frugal Me: “But wait! Don’t leave me alone!”


After this little exchange, I called Bob and informed him of my decision in a much more confident manner than I was actually experiencing. I placed my duffel on my roller bag and set out on my incredible journey.

I honestly don’t know how I did it. Even if I worked out all the time I would be surprised I could do it. All I can attribute my success to was the adrenaline provided by the $38 I was saving. My adventures included getting stuck in the turnstile, almost throwing out my back, accidentally hitting a man in the knee with my weird 80’s bag (sorry), and braving several frightening staircases. When a young woman commented: “That’s a lot of stuff,” I was tempted to quote Calvin and Hobbes and reply: “Brilliant, Holmes.” Luckily, I was really too tired and overheated to put up much of a fight.

When I reached the final staircase at our subway stop, I didn’t know if I could make it:

The Final Frontier

As it turned out, luck was on my side this time. That close to the entrance, I was able to get cell service. Bob came to the stop and helped me get it all home through the freezing winds.

My sore muscles the next day were like a badge of honor. And when my parents heard the story and my mom said: “Your father and I are very proud of you,” I knew where frugal me came from.

Now that it’s over, I would probably go back and do it again to save that much money. But during the adventure, it definitely felt like I made the wrong choice.

If anyone else has a story of frugal adrenaline, I’d love to hear about it!